Jan. 6 takeaways: Trump, the riot and democracy under siege

Turns out, Jan. 6 was more than just the day when a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol. It was the culmination, but also the start, of an enduring challenge for American democracy. The House committee investigating Jan. 6, 2021 has shown how the deadly Capitol attack was sparked months earlier on Election Night 2020, when … Read more

3 charged over murders of British journalist and Indigenous expert in Brazil

Public prosecutors have charged three individuals with the June murder of British journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous expert Bruno Pereira in the remote western reaches of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, according to a statement. All are local riverine dwellers, and their motive was that Pereira asked Phillips to photograph them when they passed by in a … Read more

Moon to become ‘pitstop’ to outer space

The moon could become an enormous rocket interchange and a pit stop for humans to travel to other parts of the solar system by 2069 – the 100th anniversary of the first lunar landing. This month marks 53 years since humanity took a giant leap and the NASA Apollo 11 mission put US astronauts Neil … Read more

Biden administration preps Taiwan for Chinese attack after Ukraine invasion

The Biden administration is planning to bolster U.S. arms production to sustain the war in Ukraine and to support Taiwan in preparing to fend off a future Russian-style invasion from China, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Friday. Mr. Sullivan also said the administration is urging Taiwan’s political and military leaders to purchase … Read more

Ukraine, Russia sign U.N. deal to export grain on Black Sea

ISTANBUL — Russia and Ukraine signed separate agreements Friday with Turkey and the United Nations clearing the way for exporting millions of tons of desperately needed Ukrainian grain — as well as Russian grain and fertilizer — ending a wartime standoff that had threatened food security around the globe. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and … Read more

Hungary’s FM pushes for talks to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Hungary’s top diplomat is calling for immediate talks to end the war in Ukraine, asserting that “all wars end up in negotiations” and that the world should be focused on how to achieve peace by quickly bringing about a cessation of the nearly five-month-old conflict. While Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been called Russian … Read more