Nick Cummins criticised over appearance in Hong Kong advertisements

“Hong Kong is one of my all-time favourite cities in the world,” Cummins said in a press release first reported by Mumbrella. “I can’t wait for Aussies to explore Hong Kong like I have.” But critics say the ads depict a Hong Kong that no longer exists after COVID-19 restrictions saw many of its top … Read more

Flawed South Korea missile ploughs into ground, blows up

Seoul: A malfunctioning South Korean ballistic missile blew up as it ploughed into the ground on Wednesday during a live-fire drill with the United States that was a reprisal for North Korea’s successful launch a day earlier of a weapon that flew over Japan and has the range to strike the US territory of Guam. … Read more

Deadly bomb blast tears through mosque near Afghan Interior Ministry

A suicide bomber struck at a center of Taliban power Wednesday, setting off a blast at a government ministry in the Afghan capital of Kabul. At least four people were killed, a Taliban official said. The afternoon explosion took place as workers and visitors were praying inside a mosque of Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry, which is … Read more

Failed ballistic missile launch triggers fear of war in South Korean city

A failed ballistic missile launch sparked panic in a usually quiet South Korean city after it crashed into the ground and triggered a huge fire, officials said. Security allies Seoul and Washington have staged multiple joint drills, including bombing runs and missile launches, in response to North Korea firing an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) over … Read more

Russia officially annexes 4 Ukraine regions, leaves door open for more

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed laws that claimed four regions of Ukraine as Russia’s territory on Wednesday, while his country’s military struggled to control the illegally annexed areas. In a defiant move, the Kremlin held the door open for further land grabs in Ukraine. Speaking in a conference call with reporters, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said … Read more

Conspiracy nuts convinced this 85-year-old mural of colonial America ‘proves’ time travel exists… can you spot why?

THERE is something unexpected in this 1930s mural of a scene from 17th century colonial America. Some conspiracy fans are even convinced it is proof of time travel. 4 Mr Pynchon And The Settling Of Springfield was painted by Umberto Romano in 1937Credit: US Postal Service 4 Some viewers reckon this native American from the … Read more

Hurricane Ian another blow for Florida’s buckling home insurance sector

For many Floridians whose homes were destroyed, they now face the arduous task of rebuilding after Hurricane Ian without insurance or paying even steeper prices in an insurance market that was already struggling. Even before Ian, Florida’s home insurance market was dealing with billions of dollars in losses from a string of natural disasters, rampant … Read more

Shocking moment machine gun cops herd terrified families to quarantine camp in disturbing vision of ‘Covid zero’ China

HAUNTING footage has emerged of China’s zero-COVID policy police using machine guns to herd passengers and forbid them from leaving an airpot in Yunnan Province. The dystopian scenes emerged on Tuesday after passengers at the the Xishuangbanna airport uploaded the terrifying videos on Twitter, after the Prefecture went into complete lockdown amid China’s extreme Zero … Read more

Voenkor Izvestia showed the destruction of the fortifications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Avdiivka

Fighting in the Avdiivka direction in the Donetsk People’s Republic continues. Shelling by Ukrainian troops occurs daily, reports on Wednesday, October 5, the war correspondent of the TV channel “Izvestia” Alexander Safiulin. As a fighter with the call sign Shah told the film crew, the nationalists are hitting with 152 mm caliber shells. They use … Read more