Iran protests: World rallies for women’s rights following Mahsa Amini’s death

Protesters have taken to the streets across Australia to show solidarity with Iran’s people and a subsequent wave of women-led protests. About 3,000 Iranian Australians and supporters rallied in Sydney – among other cities including Melbourne and Hobart – on Saturday against the Iranian government’s regime, which has seen women burn the hijabs they are … Read more

More than 120 fans dead at top-flight match, say police

“It was caused after spectators went down to the field to look for players or officials to find out why they lost. The [security] committee took steps so that [spectators] would not go after the players. In that process [security officers] fired tear gas.” He said that as a result of the tear gas being … Read more

Brazil holds historic election with Lula against Bolsonaro

More than 120 million Brazilians will vote Sunday in a highly polarized election that could determine if the country returns a leftist to the helm of the world’s fourth-largest democracy or keeps the far-right incumbent in office for another four years. With polls opening at 8 a.m. Brasilia time, the race pits incumbent President Jair … Read more

Low donations sparked furniture drive to help struggling Ukrainian newcomers to Edmonton – Edmonton

With hundreds of Ukrainian newcomers arriving every week in Alberta, donated living supplies like couches and beds are running critically low in Edmonton. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Alberta Provincial Council held a furniture drive Saturday hoping to ensure no one goes without the essentials. “The demand is increasing, the numbers of arrivals are increasing and we’re … Read more

Latvia’s centrists are predicted to win national vote

HELSINKI (AP) — Russia’s attack on Ukraine shaped the general election Saturday in neighboring Latvia, where divisions among the Baltic country’s sizable ethnic-Russian minority were expected to influence the makeup of parliament and war-induced energy concerns will dominate the next government. A joint exit poll after the polls closed Saturday predicted that center-right New Unity … Read more

Hundred’s join in solidarity for Iran’s Mahsa Amini in Kelowna

Outrage continues in Iran over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died while in the custody of the Iranian ‘morality police.’ That same outrage sparked across Canada, including the Okanagan where hundreds of people gathered in downtown Kelowna to show their support. “This should not happen anywhere and when there is a problem such … Read more

Retailer ordered to ‘destroy’ its golden bunnies in win for Lindt

Christoph Gasser, a lawyer for Lidl, said that the Supreme Court had returned the case to a lower court for further review, in particular to evaluate whether Lindt may be entitled to monetary compensation. “In essence, it appears as if the Swiss Federal Supreme Court had adopted a result-oriented approach in its legal reasoning, trying … Read more