White Sox rookie Yermin Mercedes quits baseball

CHICAGO – Yermín Mercedes, the surprise rookie who helped carry the Chicago White Sox with a thrashing stick at the start of the season and was sent off the minors field after a protracted slump, said he is leaving. baseball.

Mercedes announced its decision on Instagram on Wednesday. He posted an image with the words ‘it’s over’.

“First of all, I want to thank God for giving me life with my fans without them, I am nothing,” he wrote. “I ran away from baseball for a while. God bless you. It’s over.”

Hall of Fame director Tony La Russa said he had just heard of Mercedes’ decision to resign and was planning to contact him. He says Mercedes has a ‘big league future’.

“You’re at Triple-A, you’ve tasted the big leagues, you can get emotional,” La Russa said. “But I don’t know more than that.”

Yermin Mercedes
Yermin Mercedes
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The 28-year-old Mercedes driver led the Chicago rankings in the early months of the season, hitting the .415 mark with five homeruns and 16 RBIs in 22 games in April. In May, Mercedes angered La Russa by beating an on-field homerun 3-0 in the ninth inning of a 15-4 lead to the White Sox.

“As you may know, if you pay close attention, he has said many times how close we are,” La Russa said. “He knew I was one of his followers. So I’ll get in touch with him and see what’s going on. He might just be a little frustrated.”

The catcher eventually cooled down and hit .150 (16 for 107) in his final 31 games against Chicago before being relegated to Triple-A Charlotte on July 2.

“He was a talented man,” La Russa said. “He deserves his spot on the list. Then he earned all that in bats. And he ran into what usually happens with rookies. There are too many videos and tapes and they are starting to adjust. You have to learn how to adjust back. I knew he showed early on – his head was on the ball and he wasn’t too big – he could make those adjustments and he could go into the big leagues. “

The White Sox said in a statement that they were aware of Mercedes’ Instagram post and that he is currently on the active list for their Class-AAA team in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“At this time, the White Sox has not received any official announcement from Yermín regarding his future plans,” the statement said.

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