Survey: Most people favor driver-support technology over self-driving vehicles

Nearly eight in 10 people would prefer that the automobile industry put more effort into improving existing driver-support features than developing self-driving vehicles, according to a survey.

AAA said that its survey on American attitudes toward autonomous technology shows two main points — that most drivers are at least somewhat skeptical of developing self-driving cars, and that they have good reason to be.

The survey showed that 77% of respondents favored improving existing human-driver technologies, while just 18% preferred autonomous development.

Eighty-five percent of respondents, it found, said they’re presently fearful or unsure of self-driving technology and would not be comfortable in an autonomous vehicle.

“You can’t sell consumers on the future if they don’t trust the present,” Greg Brannon, director of AAA’s automotive engineering, said in a statement. “And drivers tell us they expect their current driving assistance technology to perform safely all the time.