Jan. 6 probes: What’s next for Congress, criminal cases

This isn’t the end of the Capitol riot story. The House committee investigating the deadly events of a fateful, chilly January day — now a year and a half in the past — has wrapped up its hot summer series of televised hearings, each featuring revelatory details about the day of violence itself or the … Read more

An entire North Carolina police department has resigned

The entire staff of a small North Carolina police department has resigned, citing the work environment created by the town’s manager, prompting the town to hold an emergency meeting in response to the mass departure. Josh Gibson, the former police chief of the Kenly Police Department, five officers, the town clerk, and the utilities clerk … Read more

Mossad probe finds Buenos Aires bombings had no local help from Iran

Tel Aviv: Two terrorist attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the 1990s that killed scores of people were carried out by a secret Hezbollah unit whose operatives, contrary to widespread claims, were not abetted knowingly by Argentinian citizens nor aided by Iran on the ground, according to an investigation by … Read more

From ‘an attempted coup’ to chaos, Jan. 6 hearing moments

Through eight hearings, 20 live witnesses and dozens of hours of recorded testimony, the House Jan. 6 panel has focused its case squarely on former President Donald Trump. The panel has unveiled stunning evidence about the Capitol insurrection over six weeks of hearings, laying out in vivid detail what the panel calls an “attempted coup” … Read more

Jan. 6 hearings traced an arc of ‘carnage’ wrought by Trump

To understand how Donald Trump’s desperation and lies became a potent danger to democracy, consider the ginger mints. Mints featured in one of the absurdist but toxic episodes fleshed out in the Jan. 6 hearings, which now pause even as the Justice Department presses ahead on a parallel criminal investigation that it calls the most … Read more