‘We are not inherently male or female’: Stonewall campaigner says bodies are ‘just bodies’

JK Rowling with Allison Bailey

JK Rowling with Allison Bailey

Humans are not naturally male or female, an executive of LGBT rights group Stonewall has stated.

The ‘trans-inclusion’ charity head’s claim comes amid a heated public debate over the birth gender of men and women versus their chosen gender.

Kirrin Medcalf, 24 of Stonewall, made the comments during a discrimination lawsuit brought by a lesbian lawyer against her chambers and the charity.

Mr Medcalf told the Labor Court hearing: ‘Bodies are not inherently male or female. They are just their bodies.’

The lawyer, Allison Bailey, a friend of Harry Potter author JK Rowling, is suing her chambers, Garden Court, for alleging that her work and income were curtailed over criticism of Stonewall’s policies, which advised her. .

JK Rowling with Allison Bailey

JK Rowling with Allison Bailey

JK Rowling with Allison Bailey

Miss Bailey founded the LGB Alliance group, which believes Stonewall promotes trans rights while simultaneously trampling those of lesbians, gays and bisexuals.

She said during the hearing that the charity is a “dangerous and cruel organization”.

Mr Medcalf’s comments that humans are not “inherently male or female” were provided as evidence Tuesday in response to a lawyer’s question, “You define women as anyone, including men, who says they are female?”

The comments sparked a Twitter storm yesterday amid denunciations of groups opposing the spread of Stonewall’s stance on transgender issues in schools, universities, government departments, councils and private companies.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, founder of Transgender Trend, a parent group concerned about the surge in gender reassignment children, said: “We’re pleased that Stonewall’s ideas have finally been made public in court.

‘We have known for a long time that this is taught to children in schools.

‘These kinds of anti-scientific ideas have no place in education.

“Schools involved with Stonewall, and there are many, should now end their association with the organization.”

Mr Medcalf caused another stir at Miss Bailey’s tribunal earlier this week.

It was paused to grant his request for his mother, a “supporter” and a dog to be present while he testified.

Stonewall’s director had not told the court that he needed the special arrangements, including periodic breaks.

Miss Bailey told the tribunal that her chambers had joined the so-called Stonewall Diversity Champions program, prompting it to follow the goals of the charity.

“They all focus on promoting a policy stance on trans rights and gender identity that goes well beyond the law,” she said.

“Stonewall is a very powerful organization and can provide or take away protection.

‘The incentive offered by his scheme is reputational protection or reputational damage. It’s like a criminal defense racket.”

Miss Bailey said she was dealing with a “complete lack of sympathy” and “clear lack of support” from her chambers regarding security concerns she had regarding trans activists, the hearing was told yesterday.

Kirrin Medcalf - Head of Trans Inclusion at Stonewall

Kirrin Medcalf - Head of Trans Inclusion at Stonewall

Kirrin Medcalf – Head of Trans Inclusion at Stonewall

In a testimony before the tribunal, the attorney described incidents involving trans activists, including one where she was present and believed she was “about to be attacked as several activists came very close and surrounded me.”

She said in the statement: “I was concerned that some of these activists would find out about my opposition to Stonewall and that it could endanger my safety.

It was a non-specific fear, but I really felt about it.”

In her statement, Ms Bailey said she wrote to the heads of her chambers in December 2018 about her security concerns.

She said she had cleared up an issue, but then got no response and had to “pursue it.”

Miss Bailey said that “afterwards was a lack of sympathy.”

But Andrew Hochhauser QC, representative of Garden Court Chambers, said Ms Bailey had ignored the fact that she had been contacted about having discussions about how to support her and ensure her safety.

Stonewall declined to comment “while the lawsuit is pending.”

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